2018 Wyoming State Mission Offering

(Formerly the Delmar State Mission Offering)

And he subjected everything under his feet and appointed him as head over everything for the church, which is his body, the fullness of the one who fills all things in every way.     Ephesians 1:22-23 (CSB)

The Great Commission of our Lord Jesus has been given to the church.  Not a convention, not a region, not a denomination—but given to the church.  And he has filled the church with the person and the presence of Jesus Christ to empower, to gift, and to call out her members to do what only he can do through them—reach every town, the state, the nation and the world with the gospel.

The Wyoming Southern Baptist Mission Network is a collection of cooperating churches attempting to fulfill that Great Commission in every village, town and city across this state.  We certainly care about North America and the nations, and we are involved in many ways in missions and ministry to be part of reaching them for Christ.

But Wyoming is the primary mission field God has entrusted to us, to penetrate with the Gospel, to win people to Christ, and to gather  believers as the church, representing Christ to those God gives us opportunity to reach.

The 2018 Wyoming State Mission Offering (WSMO) is designed to assist our cooperating churches in fulfilling their God-given Commission.  Funds given through the Wyoming State Mission Offering will help fund the ministry and mission efforts of our churches.  Below are some examples of what your gifts through the WSMO will help to accomplish.


Here are some examples of ministries supported by this offering.

 The WSBMN Vacation Bible School ClinicVacation Bible School is the greatest evangelism tool in Southern Baptist life.  The State Mission Offering helps equip local church VBS workers to share Jesus with the children of their community in  a more church-focused, ministry-focused, evangelism-focused way. Pray for VBS to have great impact on kids and families.

Summer Missionary SupportMeeting and serving local people where they are, Living Hope Church, Green River,  pursues a very relational evangelism strategy in Green River. Mission funds allowed a summer missionary to return from Oregon for two Vacation Bible Schools, a local festival and the five mission teams in the summer of 2018.  Pray for evangelistic events like this across our state.

Baptist Collegiate MinistryYour state mission giving impacts college students on seven Wyoming campuses including the University of Wyoming.  Baptist Collegiate Ministry engages unsaved students with the Gospel, including International students from 87 countries.  At the heart of student ministry is discipleship that engages students to become Great Commission servants.  Through student retreats, Bible studies, worship, training and much more, students are presented with God’s Truth and encouraged to discover God’s unique plan for their lives.  Please pray for the Baptist Collegiate Ministries throughout Wyoming.

Mountain Top Baptist Assembly:  Each summer our camp high atop Casper Mountain sees children, youth, sponsors, adults and other groups carry on ministries that vary from worship services, Bible studies, and all kinds of other activities.  And each summer there are reports of many salvations and decisions of dedication by folks of all ages.  Pray for MTBA and the decisions that are made there to be followed up by local churches.

Hispanic Leadership ConferenceLively praise songs and hymns fill the room, led and accompanied by guitar players from Mexico, El Salvador and the USA.  The Hispanic workers’ conference occurs annually. As a result, Spanish-speaking Christians and their families across the state have deepened relationships with each other. Pray for the work of our Hispanic churches across Wyoming.

Outreach Support:  State Mission Offering funds help churches do outreaches and share the gospel in their communities. United Baptist Church of Riverton has used some of these funds every summer to find prospects for evangelism by renting booth space at Day in the Park and the Fremont County Fair, sharing a bottle of water, holding conversations, and gathering contact information through a free drawing. Contact with several hundreds of prospects has been made and dozens have received a gospel witness through these efforts.

Church Planting:  Church planting is a critical part of our missions strategy in reaching Wyoming for Christ. Cities and towns need new churches to reach them, and various other people groups (like college campuses) need new works as well.  Through your state mission giving you have a part in the new university church plant: Expedition Church.  Danny & Talissa Smith have recently moved to Laramie Wyoming to engage 13,000 University of Wyoming students with the Gospel.  Pray for the efforts of Expedition Church and all our other church plants.

Pastor Moving Expenses:  Small churches in the West Region can go for extended periods without a pastor. When a pastor is called they often come from distant places. Moving expenses can be very burdensome. The WSBMN state mission offering has helped with moving expenses to bring new pastors to churches like Mountain Grace in Dubois when they called Rudy Sanchez as their new pastor.

Wyoming Missionaries:  Through the SMO we are able to provide for the Regional Missionaries in each Region, and for the State Missionary at the Resource Center in Casper.  These missionaries serve our churches by lending support to pastors and staff, and when churches have a need for resources and other ministry helps.  Our missionary staff includes:

  • Dale Bascue – West Region Missionary;
  • David Schroeder – South Region Missionary; 
  • Fred Creason – Northeast Region Missionary; and
  • Lynn Nikkel – State Missionary

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