“A Guide To Establishing Multiplying Churches”

All across Wyoming and North America there are communities where the Gospel is not being sufficiently proclaimed and people groups that are not being impacted with the Gospel.  Some of these communities and people groups will be reached through churches that already exist in their midst, churches who share a common passion to reach non-believers.  However, there are many communities and people groups that are not being effectively impacted with the Gospel by any congregation. (See Harvest Points: “Each One Touch One” resource).

Many of these areas are rural ranching communities and small towns that may not support a large traditional church with a “fulltime” seminary trained pastor.  Often what will be required is an innovative approach with lay leadership called, commissioned and sent from our congregations to begin new ministries and churches in these areas.

This is also true for many people groups that are not being effectively reached through our existing congregations.  Cultural barriers often impede the sharing of the Gospel.  However, there are members in our churches that have cultural and affinity connections with these people groups that can become “bridges” for sharing the Gospel and church planting.

God is beginning to implant a vision in the hearts of pastors and church leaders, a vision of “everyday” church members who feel the call of God upon their lives and commit to seek to reach communities and people groups in need of the Gospel through evangelistic ministries and church planting.  For this vision to become a reality, it will require a strong emphasis upon contextual training, mentoring and coaching that encourages and enables “everyday believers” to discover their role in evangelism and church planting, and to experience the freedom to fulfill God’s call to win people and plant churches.

Multiplying Churches:

Many pastors and church leaders are addressing this pressing need through the establishment of what has become known as “Multiplying Churches.”  The resource, “A Guide To Establishing Multiplying Churches,” has been created to assist pastors and church leaders in understanding and developing Multiplying Churches that meet their unique ministry context.

To receive a copy of this important resource, contact Don Whalen Jr., State Missionary for Church Planting Strategies and share your desire to explore church planting in Wyoming.  Contact information:  whalen@wyomingsbc.org or 307 472-4087.