AAEO Week of Prayer Letter

Let me encourage you to check out the website for the North American Mission Board at anniearmstrong.com for all the resources that are available to you to promote the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.  There you will find lots of information such as, when the offering began, where the offering goes, the missionaries that we are praying for during the suggested week of prayer  (March 3-10) or another week of your choosing.  All promotional materials are available online.

One hundred percent of the money received in this offering will be going to support the missionaries on the field.  These missionaries are depending on our gifts and prayers so that they can continue the work that God has called and gifted them to do.

This year’s theme is “Sending Hope”. Thank you for all you do to promote missions and ministry in our state and around the world.  Thank you for all the wonderful work you do in your church, and your community.  It is a privilege to serve with you and to be of service to you.

May the Lord Bless You,

Quin Williams

WSBMN State Missionary