Cooperative Ministries

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Administrative Ministries

Administration of Church Gifts through…

  • The Cooperative Program
  • Special Offerings for NAMB & IMB
  • Wyoming State Mission Offering
  • Regional Missionary Support

**Pam Hans can help with how this works and the church’s use of the remittance forms.

Administration of Other Gifts from…

  • Southern Baptists through the North American Mission Board – in support of church planting and evangelism
  • LifeWay Christian Resources – in support of church health, leadership and ministry resources 
  • Special Gifts – that come in from a variety of other sources
  • And, management of the overall Convention Budget, Staff and Resources

Administrative Consultation

  • Pastor’s Compensation – a conference for pastors and church finance teams to show ways to help protect pastoral income and appropriately provide expenses and benefits the reduce tax burden.
  • Church Finances – a conference for treasurers, financial officers, and committees concerning best practices for handling church tithes, offerings and gifts; including processes and procedures (with Janice Trotter – including a Church Budget book)
  • Stewardship Services – we provide churches with stewardship materials with an annual free CD/DVD of a new 4-5 session stewardship emphasis and study, as well as other materials and resources
  • Constitution/Bylaws consultation – providing sets of model bylaws specifically created for Wyoming churches by Christian attorneys whose emphasis is on church law, lessening liability exposure, and creating an environment for effective ministry management.   Interested pastors/churches should contact Lynn to set up a consultation meeting at the church with leaders to review the document, and I will send out a copy of the document in advance of that meeting.
  • Developing a Strategy for Church Growth – this consultant/facilitator-led conference is designed to assist a church in evaluating the effectiveness of its overall vision for ministry, and purpose for all that they do as a church.  It is a conference that involves a presentation of material designed to facilitate conversations among church leaders and/or members about the current church vision, purpose, mission and ministries.  It also includes analysis and discussion around five ministry areas (evangelism, discipleship, ministry, worship, and fellowship).  Contact Quin for information and opportunities.
  • Transformational Church – This is a facilitator-led process that helps a church take a look at its ministries and purpose through a guided process of self-discovery and diagnosis, that will result in their own formulation of a plan for renewed purpose and direction in ministry, with a strategic plan for implementation. Lynn, along with 4 other staff, are trained and certified consultants in the process and are willing to work with churches that desire to reach a new level of purpose and effectiveness in ministry. Contact Quin or Fred Creason for more information.
  • Pastoral/Church Conflict Consultations – the truth is sometimes the body of Christ is not as well as it needs to be to be fruitful and effective, and we are here to work with churches at the invitation of the pastor or formal request from a church. Our intent is to honor the role of the pastor as the one the body called to lead them and to be as available as possible to assist the church with positive reflection and resolution of issues in order to regain spiritual and relational health. I will work with other staff in the office and in the field to assist in whatever ways the church might request.
  • Church Property Protection – We have worked with an attorney here in Wyoming to help us determine ways to secure our church’s property for SBC use. It involves executing a quitclaim deed with a set of covenants that provide security against someone coming in to “steal” the church from its SBC ties, or if the church ever decides to disband. Constitutional statements have proven to be insufficient to secure this because they can be changed. Quitclaim deeds truly secure the property as a legal action that is triggered by title searches and can be enforced by a named recipient.


Contact Us:
Quin Williams     Cell: 307-251-3171

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Janice Trotter     Cell: 307-259-7705