Gillette Will Soon Have a New Church!

Gillette Will Soon Have a New Church!

Please join us in prayer for the people of Gillette, in northeast Wyoming.  They are experiencing increasing economic need.  Yet, these people who are in need will soon have a new church to love and care for them!


Just last week, the nation’s two biggest coal mines laid off approximately 475 people in the Gillette area.  Last Sunday my family and I were in Gillette as I was preaching in a local church.  The people expressed their hurt and concern for their friends and families being impac
ted by these difficult economic times.  This is just one example of the challenges facing this part of Wyoming.  Please pray that people’s economic needs point them to the only One who can meet their every need – temporal and eternal!

A church on the south-side of Gillette just recently decided to turn over their building and assets so a new church planting team can start a new church!  This “replant” will be used by God to bring a new vision to Gillette and reach many more people (especially young, Millennial families) with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  We applaud courageous brothers and sisters like these who do whatever it takes to reach their city!

Please pray for the following…

  • For the lost of Gillettte – Gillette is a city of 31,797 (  Only 9.48% of the city are active evangelicals (
  • For the brothers and sisters awaiting the replanting of their church.
  • For the new church planting team.  They will lead the effort to reach the lost, disciple them in the faith, and plant a church that continues to multiply new disciples and churches.

I look forward to sharing more information about this replanting effort in the days ahead!  Pray for Gillette!


For Jesus and His Kingdom,

Zach Edwards

Church Planting Catalyst

Serving Wyoming Southern Baptists

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