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Mission Action

God’s call for His people to be on mission sharing the love of Jesus with a lost world has not changed.  No church and no person has been excused from taking part in the local and global mission of the Kingdom.

Opportunities to pray, give and go are numerous.  Our churches are involved in many ways, near and far, including sending teams to at least five continents.  Consultation, orientation and preparation assistance are available from experienced volunteers and missionaries to support churches in such work.

Furthermore, our churches benefit from mission teams who come to Wyoming to help congregations reach communities for Christ. Each year, our office is contacted by a dozen or more churches from outside our state who feel led to help churches like yours with construction, repair, remodel, VBS, community outreach ministries and more.  We work to match ministries, skills, and calendar with the needs of Wyoming churches as they communicate those to us.  Then, pastors are introduced to mission team leaders, so your church can pray through and plan a project or partnership with full autonomy.

Missions Education

Mission Education is vital to well-rounded discipleship and of the overall health of our churches.  Regardless of age, people benefit from learning about missions and missionaries.  This can occur in weekly meetings as well as by hands-on participation in projects and ministries.

Camps are offered each year at Mountain Top Assembly that involves school-aged students in missions.

Mission education materials are available for all ages through Woman’s Missionary Union and the North American Mission Board.  RAs materials are now available through WMU.  Free literature may be available for 6 months if you are beginning a new organization in your church or community.  For more information, please contact us.

Disaster Relief

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief offers help, hope and healing in times of disaster.  SBDR is nationally and internationally acclaimed love in action.  Mercy ministries are an imperative of the gospel. Wyoming Baptist Disaster Relief provides training in various aspects of relief ministry and coordinated deployment of trained workers in partnership with Colorado Baptist Disaster Relief.  For more information on DR and training events, CLICK HERE.

Hunger Relief

Hunger ministry can range from providing a food pantry ministry at your church to offering GED or job training classes that equip people to better their employment circumstances.  Your church can participate in World Hunger Day and collect a special offering to be divided between the North American and International Mission Boards for hunger relief ministries throughout the United States and around the world.

More information is available at, or by contacting our office at

Literacy Missions

When you can read you have choices. However, in Wyoming, 1 out of every 4 adults has no choice because he or she is functionally illiterate. This means he or she:

  • Cannot read above a 5th grade level.
  • Cannot read the Bible, worship music, Sunday School quarterlies or any other Christian literature.
  • Will probably not come to Sunday School because they are afraid they will be asked to read.
  • Must accept what they are told by others including door-to-door cult visitors and flaky TV preachers.
  • Will have difficulty understanding written medical information.
  • May have trouble completing a job application.

Literacy Missions ministry is an exciting opportunity to impact your community with the gospel.  It is also an excellent way to begin a ministry to language groups that may be moving into the area or – more likely — are already there.

Other Community Engagement Ministries  

Mission ministries today offer support to hurting, helpless people in a lost and sinful world.  The North American Mission Board is expanding efforts to address needs through Foster Care and Adoption, intervention in Human Trafficking, and ministries to Refugees and Internationals.  More information is available at


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